Sustainability – A Part of Our Mission

Educating Homegrown attendees in sustainability is part of our mission. Teaming up with experts in the field who will be onsite to share their knowledge will be a staple at every festival. Learn about new technology & time-tested tactics of conservation, as we all move forward with purpose towards a healthier planet. Sustainability Row will always be located at main stage infield and in 2018, will feature the folks below.

2017 ACHIEVEMENTS:    Recyling: 2,158 lbs    Compost: 305 lbs    Solar: 312 kWh to the grid

Arco Iris is a wilderness conservation area with a spiritual focus on environmental stewardship, preservation, and natural medicine. Arco Iris protects 500 acres of untouched Ozark Forest in Northwest Ark

Tri Cycle Farms is an urban teaching farm in heart of Fayetteville. Their work and mission, “to grow community through soil,” is education-based and provides nutritious food to food-insecure community members.

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is the statewide research and extension agency serving Arkansas agriculture, communities, families and youth. The mission of the division is to discover new knowledge, incorporate it into practical applications and assist Arkansans in its application.

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New Farm Solar is a Nationally Certified Solar Installation Company. We offer a wide range of brands and technologies to give you the best in quality and in design.  We provide grid tie, battery based grid tie, and off grid systems for residential and commercial applications.

Mulberry River Society is a group of nature enthusiasts dedicated to conservation, appreciation, and enjoyment of nature, environmental education, and environmental stewardship.

The Northwest Arkansas Land Trust is a nonprofit, non-governmental conservation organization that was founded in 2003 in response to the rapid development of our region.  The land trust provides local, voluntary and permanent land protection services to landowners and municipalities who wish to forever conserve the special places that define our region.

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Keep Arkansas Beautiful helps Arkansans plug into local programs and take responsibility for maintaining the state’s scenic beauty, environmental health and quality of life. Your efforts can help make a big impact on civic pride, livability and economic growth – creating communities where people want to work, live and play!

Recycling at music festivals

Recycle Something is part of the City of Fayetteville’s efforts to encourage participation in the City’s recycling services and to inform citizens of how and what to recycle. Together, we can make a difference in our City by reducing the trash we make, and reusing and recycling what we can to create a healthier environment.

Recycling at music festivals
The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization which was created in early 2013 in direct response to the discovery that C & H Hog Farm, the first and largest hog CAFO of its kind in Arkansas, had been approved and was near completion at its location on Big Creek, a major Buffalo National River tributary. The mission of the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance is to preserve and protect the scenic beauty and pristine water and air quality of the Buffalo National River for future generations through public outreach and education, advocacy, and direct actions.

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